Streift die Kette am Reifen?

Does the chain touch the tire?

You often hear that the chain touches the tire with the 5.0 rims.

It often happens that the chain rubs against the tire of your vehicle, the consequences are damaged tires, no TÜV or sticker, but the police don't like to see that either.

What can you do about it?

There are several things to note here.

  • The chain you use. O or X ring chains are slightly wider than standard chains, so you should avoid using one with this technique.
  • Our rims are laced slightly off-centre, which helps to prevent this.
  • In the worst case, tension the wheel at an angle with the chain tensioners.

If you observe these points, you are 99% on the safe side to prevent this.

Here even with an O-ring chain:
SM Pro Camo rim orange black with O ring chain, enough distance to the tire

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